Do you have any plans for snowshoeingthis winter with your kids? For starters, all you need is a quality pair of the best snowshoes. Snowshoeing is easy and inexpensive ways of beating the winter blues as you bond with your family.

When purchasing a new pair of snowshoes, you need a helping hand to identify the best brand and the best fit. During your search, you will notice each shoe has its merits and demerits. However, there a few critical aspects one must consider besides the price tag.
Here are some tips for finding the best fit for your kids.


Are you buying boys or girls’ shoes? There are different designs for the different genders although some of them are unisex.

Foot size and age

The bindings on kids’ snowshoes are designed to fit a certain range size. It is important to find a binding that fits well. Although the range differs with each manufacturer, the shoe should have a tag that shows the appropriate shoe size range or tag.

Comfort and ease of use

The snowshoe is easy to wear, remove, and adjust the bindings. The binding should fit comfortably enabling the child to play without any discomfort.


The kids’ shoes help increase the surface area of the foot preventing the kids from sinking too deep into the soft snow. The shoes come in different lengths that accommodate the varying weights of the children.

Wearing a short snowshoe might cause the kid to sink into the snow. It also interferes with the maneuverability. Get the right fit based on the child’s weight that hampers the child’s movement and comfort.


The snowshoes help the kids stay aloft while in the snow. They also offer traction that prevents slipping. The kids’ snowshoes have a traction element that allows them to explore different terrains. As the kids grow older, the traction on their shoes becomes more robust.

The shape and material matters

Most of the kids’ shows are made from molded plastic and resemble animal feet such as bears. However, some of the shapes have an unnatural shape that forces the kids to walk with their feet wide apart from each other.
While the shapes are used to entice the kids, it affects their comfort and walking. The tear-drop shape frame makes walking easy and natural. It is also the ideal design for beginners because of its easy binding system.


Ever wondered why the kids’ shoes have little grippy teeth at the bottom? They are mini crampons which bite into the snow and offer better traction. It prevents the kids from slipping and falling. Also, the shoes should hone their trekking capabilities.


Children love to play hard. Investing in plastic or cheap shoes is not economical as they will not last long. The aluminum frames are tough and can take a beating.


There are different shoes to fit the different age levels. Chances are, if a kid can walk, there is a snowshoe that can fit him right.