Aggressive inline skating involves using specially designed inline skates to perform grinding and other tricks, such as jumping gaps and other obstacles you and your friends might come up with together. Take a closer look at Aggressive Inline Skating. It’ll give you a wider view of the sport and how important it is to choose the right aggressive inline skate.

You can grab cheap aggressive inline skates and still locate the proper features needed to perform well. With a little research, you can keep costs down and avoid those fancy features that cost far too much. There are a few important features described below, but you can learn more about inline skate features.

The right skate should give you the support, comfort and protection you need to make your skating experience more enjoyable, give you the ability to perform tricks easier and not force you to skimp out on the durability you need to keep your skates for multiple years.

The Boot or shell holds everything together while you’re skating. It takes a pounding while you are grinding away, trying new tricks or attempting new stunts with your friends and therefore requires some attention. There are Soft Shell boots made to offer both support and flexibility. Hard Shell boots that provide a stiffer casing that gives better protection for jumping gaps or stair sets and Skeletal Shells that allow you to use any shoe you want for additional customization.

A proper Liner should provide you with the amount of support and comfort you desire. It’s not impossible to take a while before finding a great liner that works for you. There are standard to custom aftermarket versions that offer quite a few choices, and everyone is different. Get more information on great liners there.

The Frame or “H-Block” of your skate should be smooth while also providing the durability you need to assist with locking in solid grinds. It is the portion of your aggressive inline skate that you’ll likely replace often. Whether you choose to change the look of your skates or wear your frame out entirely before switching; there are tons of frames to choose from to fit the style you’re currently learning. Need more speed? Grab a lighter frame. Want more durability and stability for grinding? Grab a heavier stock frame.

Wheels that you choose need to be able to maintain integrity during extreme situations. Contact with hard pavement and the heat buildup during a performance can take its toll, so it’s important to choose the right wheels. You should avoid glossy plastic wheels; they’ll crack and cause you to slip while performing stunts.

Bearings these days are easy to find, standard bearings can withstand extensive use and offer greater durability over speed. Your bearings need to keep things together during high impact maneuvers. Boca Bearings is a fantastic place to go for quality bearings.