Have you ever found yourself on a camping trip and after walking a long distance and climbing hills you needed to rest , then you find yourself a rock to sit on, or a log of wood; you sit down and then at that moment find you could actually use a camping chair to rest your back and relax? Most people don’t realize how necessary a camping chair actually is until they find themselves in that situation. Visualize a scenario where you and your mates are out camping and you are all tired and gathering rocks and tree stumps to sit and rest on, then suddenly you realize that one person or two actually brought along one of the Coleman camping chairs? The next thing you find yourself full of envy.

Coleman has been making chairs for the American population for about a hundred years now. They have a variety of chairs to suit both your budget and your needs.

The portable deck chair

This chair is just as it sounds “small and portable”. It collapses for easy storage and transport, its weight is 5.6 pounds and is able to carry a weight of up to 225lb. The armrest covers are removable and washable and its seatback is padded for additional comfort.

Oversize quad chair with cooler

This chair has a built in cooler so you get to enjoy cold drinks while you are camping. You don’t necessarily have to carry a separate cooler for that. Its arm rest is also adjustable. This chair has a high back, and it also consists of an accessory pouch. It weighs 10 pounds, and is able to carry a weight of up to 300pounds. I’m sure you can understand that a chair that has all these features and weighs 10 pounds is a bit too heavy for long beach hikes or backpacking trips. However, the oversize quad chairs will appeal to the larger and strong campers who can carry the chair with ease.

The broadband camping chair

This camping chair comes with a cup holder and a carrying bag. It consists of a reinforced steel frame and includes diamond ripstop fabric that is durable. This chair has a number of optional features . A footrest, cooler, sunshade and security pockets are also available to purchase with the broadband camping chair.

Coleman stool

Coleman makes 2 types of stools. – The Exponent stool and the Rambler stool. These two stools are both foldable. None of these stools are as comfortable as a traditional camping chair, but if you are a car camper, the exponent stool will be suitable for you as it weighs only 20 ounces and its more compact when it is folded up.

Coleman camping chairs all have a limited warranty of one year. And they are guaranteed to work for years. In other words, carry one of the Coleman camping chairs along when next you go on a camping trip. You sure will not regret it. They come in different shapes and sizes, so get one that suits you.