The best smelling deodorant for men is one that makes him feel comfortable and confident and is within his price range. From discount brand names to designer labels, there is a deodorant for every man, and all men should wear it. Some naturalists think it’s best to go completely sans deodorant; however, nature made body odor for us to be able to sniff each other out in the wild. As your modern office workday environment probably discourages such activity, it’s best to use an all natural or organic product like Tom’s of Maine’s, which contains no aluminum. There are other brands that also say they are vegan friendly, cruelty free, and made with natural ingredients. The price for this deodorant is a bit more than you would pay for a traditional brand; however, men with sensitive skin need specially formulated products that reduce irritation. Others feel that buying deodorant in a health food store seems less of a compromise with mother nature so they feel better about wearing it, and others feel better in their presence.

“Manly Yes, But I like it too,” was a slogan for the Irish Spring Soap campaign in the 1970s, according to Wikipedia, Fans of the soap brand featuring strong Irish men and adoring lassies still continue to use the soap and the deodorant, Mennen Speed Stick Irish Spring. This is the best smelling deodorant for men on a budget who want to smell soap and water clean. As scent is linked to memory, hugging that guy wearing deodorant that reminds you of your dad’s soap bar in the shower isn’t a bad thing. Olfactory memory is an important part of how we process everyday stimuli. Keep in mind a person can be turned off by certain scents, and not know why, as something in their past made anything with a spruce or spice undertone abhorrent to them. Our likes and dislikes for what is the best smelling deodorant is quite personal and often irrational.

If you’re on a bigger budget and dress in Polo and Armani, you may want to try their deodorant too. Posh deodorant brands like Versace and Gucci are also available at Macy’s, and you can pair your deodorant or antiperspirant with your cologne. Some women adore the aroma of these designer fragrances, while other women feel that the less a deodorant itself smells the better than man smells. If you feel this is the best smelling deodorant for men, or for your man, keep in mind that you will be paying $22 and up for the label brands, which is four times the price of discount deodorant, which also comes in unscented. Some men choose to wear a bargain brand utility deodorant for everyday, and save their designer fragrance stash for date nights. A women would not wear her best evening perfume while she is typing in her cubicle on Monday, so why should a man always wear the same product?