Anyone who does a lot of walking, jogging or running is likely to develop calluses on the feet and toes. While they are not usually dangerous, they can become uncomfortable and make your feet appear less attractive. You may be hesitant to wear your more revealing summer time shoes and sandals because of them. There is a fast and easy solution to the problem of calluses. A personal pedi callus remover can help you to get your feet in beautiful condition with little effort. They’ll not only look more appealing, but you’ll be amazed and how good your feet will feel after proper callus removal.

What causes calluses?

Calluses form on the feet in much the same way that blisters do. Constant friction such as walking or jogging causes the skin to respond by either forming a blister or a callus. When left untreated, a callus will continue to thicken and become larger. They can become sore in time and can even interfere with the way that your shoes fit. They most commonly form on the heels, the bottom of the big toe and can also form on the bottoms of other toes.

How are calluses removed?

There are a few different ways to treat the problem of foot calluses. A professional pedicure involves soaking the feet in a chemical or herbal water based solution that softens the calluses and makes them easier to remove. The Shanghai method of callus removal uses sharp blades to shave them off. This can be less safe, particularly for people with diabetes as it more easily leads to accidental nicks and cuts with the potential for fungal or bacterial infections in the skin of the feet. The safest route is to use a pumice stone or a personal pedi callus remover which works on the same principle by wearing the callus away.

Advantages of the personal pedi callus remover

This handy device is small and lightweight and takes the work out of callus removal. It features a rotating head that is embedded with microscopic minerals which are hard enough to grind away the toughest and thickest calluses. All you will need to do is just press the button and apply the personal pedi callus remover head to the calluses area and apply a little pressure. It removes them quickly and leaves your feet feeling like you’ve just had a relaxing and soothing massage. Because of the design, it can be used in the shower while your calluses are still soft from the water, making them even easier to remove. When you’re finished, just remove the roller from the device and rinse it clean.

Calluses on the toes and feet can make you feel self conscious. They can also become uncomfortable and make your feet ache or not fit inside of your shoes well. Callus removal just takes a few moments of your time. The personal pedi callus remover is an inexpensive option for safe and effective home callus removal.