I cannot count how many times I have tried to walk two dogs at one time, just to save a little walking time in the evenings, and ended up in a tangled mess that took at least 10 minutes to sort out. Dogs are naturally playful and friendly creatures, especially when two or more get together. So walking them with their own separate leashes can be a hassle. However, with the tandem dog leash you do not have to worry about the tangled leashes and you only have to hold on with one hand.

The tandem dog leash comes two ways, one has the whole leash plus the separate collar clips already put together into one item. The other is what they call a coupler. This means that you can use a regular one clip leash to clip onto the part that makes it able to be used with two collar clips. There are a lot of these tandem leashes on the market and choosing one can end up being a headache.

If you are like me you probably already have a whole collection of leashes that you do not want to throw away. That being the case you will probably like having the tandem leash coupler, that way you can just use what you have, with a little extra accessory to help. Below I have listed two different kind of tandem items, the coupler and the complete leash, just to give you an idea of what each one does and perhaps help you decide which is best for you. The listings below covers a good bit about dog leashes that I believe will be very helpful.

Mimibox Dual Double Dog Leash No Tangle Coupler Nylon Leash

This particular leash is made of braided nylon, so it is strong yet flexible. It is specifically designed for walking two dogs, smaller and larger breeds. There is a swivel part attached to both of the collar clip lines so that you do not have to worry about your dogs getting tangled up with each other. This is a great feature so that you do not have to do a thing to untangle your dogs, just clip them to the leash and head out!

Guardian Gear 2-Way Coupler

Now, here is a coupler that you can use with your normal dog leash while at the same time getting the free movement of a full tandem leash. This coupler has the swivel piece so that your dogs never get tangled. Some of the couplers do not have the swivel feature though so make sure to check for that when you are buying one. If you do not have excitable dogs that are likely to keep jumping over and around each other then getting a coupler that does not have the swivel should be alright, but for the more excitable dog breed definitely look for the swivel.