Having your own patio gives you a great opportunity to relax. Whether you want to spend some time resting after a tough day at work or eat a dinner with your family enjoying the weather, a well-designed patio can completely change the way in which you spend your free time. One of the most important things in every patio is the furniture with the table being the central object of almost every patio. That’s why choosing even a small patio table with umbrella hole can make or break your patio setup.

Think of the arrangement of your patio

First of all, consider the size of your patio. If it’s small, then you may want to consider a light and small table that’d most likely have to go in the middle. If your patio is a bit bigger and you like rearranging stuff, you could think of furnishing your patio more frugally. Ready-to-assemble furniture is usually lightweight and inexpensive, so you can experiment and move it around a lot, what leaves you a lot of options on where you want to put your table. Keep in mind that even if your patio is not a tiny square, you may still consider buying a small patio table with umbrella hole instead of going for a huge one, as long as you aren’t planning any big family gatherings. This way, you won’t clutter it and leave some space for plants.

Choose the right table style and materials

While you could easily create the table yourself out of the wooden pallets, it’s much better if you pay attention to the style of your patio and get a solid table that suits all your needs. It will have to be durable to survive the rain, the snow (if you get it where you live) and the heat. Putting a plastic bistro table in the middle of your patio may be an expensive choice, but it’s neither durable nor it looks good. On the other hand, a small patio table with umbrella hole made of wood or metal can be a much better choice, simply because it usually looks much better and can last much longer (if you take a good care of it). Moreover, a heavy table is much less prone to falling when the wind hits the umbrella. With a good maintenance, wooden and metal tables can last a few decades and are much easier to make them look “as good as new” compared to plastic ones.

Choosing a small patio table with umbrella hole is not a tough thing to do. The most important things that you should consider are a style of your patio, the materials it’s made of and the umbrella that you are going to put in it. Make sure it’s not too big and that it doesn’t make the table tilt on a windy day. A solid table should be resistant to falling even during a strong wind and the materials used should be resistant to damage from UV and rain. Of course, regardless of the type of the table that you choose they require proper maintenance but a quality table can serve you for years to come with just a little bit of care.