As technology grows, manufacturers continue to release amazing smartphone gadgets in the market. Recently, the Apple Company released its new iPhone 8 and iphone X that have more advanced features. This is something that all smartphone lovers were waiting to see. However, problem comes in when you cannot resist the need to use your smartphone. You become a smartphone addict something that can cause many physical as well as emotional effects. In this article, we focus on the main physical effects that smartphone addiction can cause.

At first, you may not notice that you have become a smartphone addict. However, if you start to notice the following physical effects while using your phone, know that you are an addict straight away:

Digital Eye Strain

This pain comes with the discomfort of viewing a digital screen for the better part of your day. You will start to feel you eyes burn or itch, you will have blurred vision and the strains may cause a headache. When these happen, you are overusing your gadget and you are a smartphone addict.

Suffering from neck problems

Using your smartphone might require that your neck bends to a specific direction and stay in a certain posture. As a result, you may start feeling some neck pains. Most people stare at their smartphones with their heads down for a long time thereby causing these effects.

Smartphone addiction can cause illness

Study shows that every 1 in 6 smartphones, have fecal matter on them. These fecal matters contain the E. coli Bacteria that can cause vomiting and diarrhea. In addition to that, the study shows that most phones are contaminated with MRSA that causes painful abscesses and other life threatening diseases. One way that you can avoid these contaminations is by minimizing the amount of time that you use your smartphone. As we all know, smartphone addicts cannot do this thereby putting them at a risk of contamination.

May cause car accidents

Smartphone addicts tend to believe that they can multi task. However, study shows that the number of accidents occurring because of careless driving (a driver using his/ her smartphone while driving) is on the rise. Experts say that just like drinking and driving, using your Smartphone while driving can be a dangerous affair.

May cause infertility in men

Though the studies are in their preliminarily stages, it is observed that continuous usage of smartphones in male can cause impotence. Doctors say that the radiations emitted from these phones can reduce their sperm count thereby rendering them impotent. Even though this report is unofficial, male smartphone addicts have a cause for worry.

If you are a smartphone addict, you have more cause for worry because of the negative physical effects that come with the habit. According to researches, smartphone addiction have caused many problems including accidents due to careless driving, it causes neck problems and may cause infertility in male. At all costs, people should take care not to become addicted to these gadgets even though they can be very beneficial.