If you are looking to learn how to increase your vertical jump, then there is no better way than to do a few exercises to achieve just that. Increasing your vertical jump is easy if you just follow the right steps and exercises. It’s not rocket science and it’s not too much hard work either. Of course, physically it can become quite taxing but this is a discipline that you will have to learn.

Why jump higher?

The most obvious answer is so that you can perform better at certain sports that will require you to jump higher. These sports can include basketball, volleyball, and all other sporting activities where a lot of jumping is involved.

Warm up

Now, just like any other physical activity, the first thing that you need to do when you are figuring out how to increase your vertical jump is to warm up. You can’t just get straight into the exercises because this can be physically dangerous. You might end up hurting yourself instead of improving your performance and well-being. Warming up is for your muscles and you need to stretch or jog around for a few minutes to get them prepared. This is one way to increase your vertical jumps. Using a jump rope is a very effective way to warm up and will get you into jumping exercises at the same time.

Knee bends

Deep knee bends will help you in your quest on how to increase vertical jump. You need to be standing initially for this exercise. Then slowly bend at the knees but keep your back straight at all times. Then slowly crouch as low as you can. Then slowly rise back to your original position. You should do this at least 15 times for the first few times that you try it. Then you can increase the number of bends later on.


Toe raises are also a great exercise to help you with your vertical jumps. For this exercise, you simply need to stand and then raise yourself until you are standing on the tips of your toes. Then lower back down. it is important to note that you don’t rock back and forth quickly. This exercise has to be done slowly but not too slow that you might damage your toes. You can do this at a steady pace about 30 to 50 times.


Believe it or not but you can also jump higher by doing stomach crunches. These are not the same thing as sit-ups. While lying on your back, keep your back straight and then rise up just enough to lift your shoulders off of the ground. Stomach crunches are more effective and less dangerous. You can do this as often as you can and the recommended time is for ten minutes in the morning and at night.

By focusing on key areas of your body, you will be able to learn how to increase vertical jump and improve your gameplay in sports. With these simple exercises to strengthen key areas like stomach and toes, you will see the difference when you leap.