Whitening strips are extremely popular. In fact, sales of these strips are soon expected to surpass the sales of whitening toothpastes. What makes strips the top choice is their ease of application and affordability. The idea is to give the customer a less messy, least expensive and more convenient means of whitening their teeth at home. Though whitening strips are pretty popular, they are still comparatively new additions to home whitening system. So let’s take a look at a few whitening strips reviews just in case you’re wondering if they would be a good choice for you.

The Good

“It’s Easy”

A lot of consumers emphasize how flexible these strips are and can obviously appreciate how easily the plastic sticks to their teeth. Many point out the fact that unlike other teeth whiteners, they can use the system for long periods of time while going about their daily lives. Several customers even claim to use the plastic strips while doing such activities as watching tv, exercising, doing housework and while sleeping.

“It’s Gentle”

Another sector of whitening strips reviews are most interested in how the strips preserve their teeth enamel. With the typical whitening system, you usually see results within a matter of minutes. However, this is not the case with white strips. They typically take around two weeks. This is because they contain a more gentle bleaching agent than others which is perfect for the consumers who have sensitive teeth.

“It’s Comfortable”

Another reason consumers like the strips is because they don’t have to deal with the usual bleaching trays. They stress that the traditional trays aggravate jaw problems and can sometimes trigger gag reflexes. They say that these strips are not messy or uncomfortable.

The Bad

“Weak Adhesive”

Though this product does have its benefits, whitening strips reviews indicate that there are still a few downsides people should be aware of. Some consumers feel as if the adhesive does not stick as well as it should. On occasion the strips can easily fall of the teeth.

“Effects Gums”

Though the gentle bleaching agent is excellent for those who sensitive teeth, many consumers complain that it can be uncomfortable if the solution touched the gums. When applying the strips, it can be difficult to apply then in a way that they do not touch your gums. And this can provide a source of discomfort.

How well a system works will usually depend on each individual person. And though companies are doing their best to deliver products that are effective for everyone, it’s best to remain realistic about your expectations. Realistically, whitening strips are designed to be a do-it-yourself-at-home remedy. These strips are not designing by a dentist or licensed practitioners. You may not get a perfect, personalized fit.

No matter what your results are, it’s best to remember that whitening strips will never be a substitute for in-office visits. However, if you are in the market for a quick and easy way to lighten your teeth, it’s best to comparison shop and take whitening strips reviews into account before making your purchase.